На VI Международном зимнем велоконгрессе в Москве выступят более 50 человек из более 20 стран мира.
Ева и Роланд Клосс
Грац, Австрия
Ewa Kloss was born in Siedlce/Poland. Roland Kloss was born in Linz/Austriа. Ewa and Roland got to know each other at studying Urban Planning at the Technical University of Vienna. Their passion for cycling led into the foundation of the NGO Crossover - cyclists create cities for people to promote urban cycling. They carried out a campaign for bicycle-friendly urban development in 14 countries in Europe. With a selfmade bamboo tandem and several event formats they connected stakeholders in 28 cities to establish a cooperation between citizens and public authorities to create cities for people. As a symbol of communication between bottom-up and top-down levels they made 30 mayors ride their bamboo tandem together with citizens in one direction and asked them: How do you get people on bikes? What is the future of urban mobility? After the big tandem crossover tour 2016 they settled in Graz/Austria, where they advocate for bicycle-friendly urban development and run the crossover network.
Диана Хустер
Берлин, Германия
Руководитель проектной группы по разработке Национального велоплана в отделе велотранспорта Федерального министерства по транспорту и цифровой инфраструктуре Германии
Бурхард Шторк
Берлин, Германия
Национальный директор Немецкой ассоциации велотранспорта ADFC

Burkhard Stork is executive director of the German Cyclists' Association ADFC – with more than 165,000 members the world largest association for cycling advocacy. The ADFC promotes bicycle use in all societal areas such as individual transport, logistics and tourism. Burkhard Stork is one of the leading advocates for urban cycling - promoting safe and attractive bike infrastructure for all at the national and international level. Stork (*1972) is a catholic theologian by training. Previous to his position at the ADFC Stork managed a large German patient association. Stork is married, a father of three and lives with his family in Berlin.

Мортен Кейбелл
Копенгаген, Дания
Morten Kabell is born in 1970 and has lived his entire life in the city of his birth. He was member of Copenhagen City Council since 1998 and became Mayor of technical and environmental affairs in Copenhagen from 2014 till 2018. Kabell's focus was on promoting green and active transport modes. Under his term as mayor, Copenhagen for the first time saw more bicycles than cars cross the city center, and an amazing 62% of Copenhageners commute daily by bike. From 2018 Kabell has taken a post as COO of Copenhagenize, a urban development company focused on bicycle development in cities around the world. Copenhagenize and Kabell believes that the positive examples from Copenhagen can be used in cities around the world in obtaining life-sized cities and liveability. Besides politics and bicycles, Kabell reads science fiction and counterfactual history, is an avid foodie and loves to travel with his partner.

Том Бабин
Альберта, Канада
Tom Babin is an author, journalist and blogger who has written about cycling for the Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, the Globe and Mail, among others. He blogs about cycling at shifter,info, and is the author of Frostbike: The Joy, Pain and Numbness of Winter Cycling.

Бланка Брачич
Калгари, Канада
After ten years of developing walking and cycling policy, projects and programs as a transportation engineer at The City of Calgary, Canada, Blanka Bracic completed a two-year urban planning degree in Stockholm and Amsterdam in 2017. Her goal is to increase people's quality of life by offering everyday urban transportation options such as easy, safe, normal and fun walking and cycling. A recent achievement for Bracic was leading the three-year planning of Calgary's 5.5km downtown cycle track pilot network through political approvals that ended in 2014. She created the monitoring and evaluation program for the pilot project, which was made permanent in December 2016. Bracic knows that the institutional change needed to shift culture toward year-round walking and cycling in cities with low participation is not easy. This process can be slow as well as long-lasting, impactful and rewarding. She enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with others that can benefit.

Гленн Кубиш
Эдмонтон, Канада
Директор по коммуникациям, администрация города Эдмонтон

Бартек Коморовски
Монреаль, Канада
Лидер ассоциации Vélo Québec, исследователь, консультант.

Bartek is a Project Leader in the Research Department at Vélo Québec, one of the world's largest bicycle advocacy organizations. He works with municipalities and government agencies on cycling network master planning and infrastructure design projects. He has a particular interest in design and maintenances practices for enabling year-round active mobility in cold climates and is a Winter Cycling Federation board member. Bartek holds a Master's degree in Urban Planning from McGill University. He lives in Montreal's Villeray District and is a year-round bicycle commuter.

Фелипе Гомес
Саскатун, Канада
Felipe Gomez is an award winning musician, adventurer and public speaker. He decided to take the "touring musician" or "troubadour" concept to a whole new level,cycling across Canada with his 6 string bass and amp. The Bike and Bass Tour is, a trans-global adventure involving a bicycle, a bass, and the desire to inspire people, specially students to explore the outdoors, and embrace the incredible diversity of cultures, landscapes, art, and wildlife that Canada has to offer. The ultimate goal of the Bike and Bass Tour is to inspire others to find confidence in themselves to help them realize their own potential, and to encourage them to make a contribution to their own communities.

Кэтти Вотс
Саскатун, Канада
Председатель Saskatoon Cycles

After working as a physiotherapist for many years trying to get patients as mobile and independent as possible Cathy has focused on getting the whole city healthier through advocacy work in cycling. Now "rewired" to promote safe cycling for all ages and abilities her grandchildren are also included in her motivation for this work. Her bike is an agent of social change. Travels near and far on her bike with her husband have been her passion. Attendance at cycling conferences in many countries have provided a world view of these changing times.

Флориан Бонерт
Шанхай, Китай
Florian's personal brand is built around entrepreneurship, pluriculturalism & environmental protection. These keywords led him to China's startup ecosystem for the first time in 2010, and most recently to Mobike, where he oversees Global Partnerships and Government Affairs. As the first foreigner in Mobike (employee #37), he internationalized the company by personally launching the service in Singapore, creating partnerships with international brands and opening up markets outside of China, recruiting brilliant talents to fuel Mobike's growth & laying out the entire foundation for international growth. Florian strives in the international start-up ecosystem; In addition to Mobike, he is Co-Director of Shanghai's Startup Grind Chapter & Mentor at Asia's No1 accelerator program Chinaccelerator. Prior to Mobike, he founded and exited WeSmart, an energy management SaaS platform, servicing MNCs in greater China (Coca-Cola, BP Castrol, Michelin, Carrefour, Sephora, etc.), raising 7 million RMB in the company's first round of funding. He graduated with a Post-Master in International Energy Management from Beijing's Tsinghua University & Ecole des Mines de Paris, as well as a Master of Thermodynamics, and a Master of Eco-design & Sustainable Transports from ESTACA. He is fluent in Chinese thanks to ANKI; he's also an INSEAD EMBA candidate.

Анжела ван дер Клооф
Working in sustainable mobility for over 20 years, Angela is a senior consultant and cycling expert for Mobycon, an international consultancy based in the Netherlands and Canada. As geographer, educator and specialist in adult learning, Angela specializes in cycling, traffic safety and education. Angela's passion is challenging and supporting people to think differently. Her carrier began through her pivotal work at the Centre for Immigrant Women in the city of Tilburg in the early 1990's, where she set up a Bicycle School for women. The bicycle was used as a tool to stimulate participation in society and to create an environment that is accessible for all. In 2009 she met Agartha Frimpong in Amsterdam and since then stimulates and supports her to run the Cycling School in Amsterdam South-East. Working within the Netherlands and abroad, Angela has continued to inspire innovation in bicycle policy and planning. She has also developed programs for schools, children and refugees in cycling, traffic safety and public transit. Internationally, Angela has worked with women's groups in Europe and Latin America to set up cycling schools. In her consulting work Angela also delivers workshops, lectures and trainings to citymakers (policy makers, planners, local consultants, advocates), mainly in Europe and North-America.

Матис Даль Фенре
Тронхейм, Норвегия
Ассистент исследования в Центре по исследованию зимнего обслуживания инфраструктуры в Норвежском университете науки и технологий.

Mathis is a Research Assistant in the Winter Maintenance Research group at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (IBM) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), in Trondheim, Norway. He has been in this position since April, 2016. Mathis graduated from NTNU in February 2016 with a master of science in mechanical engineering with the thesis titled "Development of a Linear Tribometer" where he made a device for measuring gliding friction between skis/rubber and snow/ice. In April 2018, Mathis will start a PhD at NTNU with the working title "Quantification of Quality of Pedestrian and Bicycle Ways in the Winter".
Дарья Табачникова
Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Советник вице-губернатора Санкт-Петербурга
Айрат Хайруллин
Альметьевск, Россия
глава Альметьевского муниципального района Республики Татарстан

Анжелика Мелентьева
Казань, Россия
Управляющая проектами в ООО «Проектная артель Анжелики Мелентьевой»
Станислав Иванов
Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Эксперт по развитию велосипедной инфраструктуры и сотрудник команды международного развития компании Mobike. Провёл общественную кампанию, в результате которой была обустроена первая велополоса в центре Санкт-Петербурга; работал в команде Администрации Санкт-Петербурга по развитию велоинфраструктуры; специализируется на оценке потенциала и планировании развития велосипедного транспорта в городах. Передвигается по городу на велосипеде с 2007 г.

Энтони Десник
Миннеаполис, США
Anthony Desnick Tony Desnick is a parent, educator, architect, urban designer, blogger, bike activist and bike share promoter. He writes for minneapolize.com and streets.mn where he makes a case for bikes saving the world from itself. He sits on the Boards of Directors for Smart Trips St. Paul, the St. Paul TMO, The Winter Cycling Federation and the North American Bike Share Association. Most days you'll find him on his "barkfiets" carrying his dog Unomas to and from work. He has been riding a bike for 55 years and rides everyday of the year.

Олатунджи Обои Рид
Чикаго, США
Oboi serves as the President & CEO of Equiticity, a national advocacy movement operating at the intersection of equity, mobility and justice in communities of color across the US. Equiticity's vision is a large US city where equity is fully integrated at the policy level into every function, department and resource associated with the City's operations, services and programs. Oboi co-founded and recently served as the President & CEO of the Slow Roll Chicago bicycle movement. Slow Roll Chicago is working to build an equitable, diverse and inclusive bicycle culture in Chicago, by organizing community bicycle rides and advocating for bicycle equity.

Феридун Экмекчи
Мугла, Турция
Feridun Ekmekci is is part of the academic staff at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Üniversity, Electric and Energy Department. He is a charter member and the head of the ENVERCEVKO — Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection Association in Muğla, Turkey. ENVERÇEVKO focused to energy efficiency in transportation and to promote cycling tourism as environment friendly transport model. Feridun Ekmekci is a National Eurovelo Coordinator and National NowWeMove Campaign Coordinator for 3 years and project advisor of the cross border cycling Event — CBCE. He tries to develop the Eurovelo extention route in Turkey and Aegean region. He is also a bicycle policy auditor (BYPAD) and a bike user for tourism model and transportation in daily life for over 35 years. He is a member of Scientists for Cycling (S4C) network — ECF, and a member of advisory committee of EU Turkish delegation Sivil Dusun programme, transport and Tourism section.
Тимо Перала
Оулу, Финляндия
Президент Winter Cycling Federation

Пекка Тахкола
Оулу, Финляндия
Pekka, the Vice President of Winter Cycling Federation just loves nature, especially a proper winter. And bikes. Be it cause or consequence, he resides in the winter cycling capital of the world: Oulu, Northern Finland. Located almost at the Arctic Circle, the city enjoys long, snowy, harsh winters, which, even though you might think the opposite, when paired with good maintenance make winter cycling just a normal everyday activity in the city. Apart from bicycles, he has a huge interest in transportation history, vintage pianos, adventures of all sorts, and ice cream. Being capable of moving around by one's own muscle power is what Pekka says is smart mobility. His main areas of expertise are about how walking and cycling can make our transport system work more efficiently, how they can improve our lives, health and economy, and all in all make our communities of better quality.

Мартти Туленхаймо
Хельсинки, Финляндия
Martti Tulenheimo is the Chief Specialist of the Finnish Cyclists' Federation and a livable city advocate. He has a passion for year-round cycling and has worked in campaigning in Helsinki and Brussels promoting new urban mobility and bicycling in particular. Martti has first-hand knowledge of winter cycling promotion and communication as the manager of the Finnish Cyclists' Federation's #CyclingWinter campaign. He has previously worked for the Finnish Parliament in Helsinki, the European Cyclists' Federation in Brussels and with several European bike-sharing companies.

Матти Коистинен
Matti Koistinen presents all the Finns who cycle. And Finns do cycle a lot - even in the winter: over 10% of the population tell they do cycle all year round at least once a week. Matti Koistinen was in a key role founding the Finnish Cyclists' Federation in 2014 and he has been working in FCF since then.
Кристоф Найдовски
Париж, Франция
Christophe Najdovski was born in Paris, in 1969, from Macedonian parents. He graduated from the University Pantheon-Sorbonne with a Master in environmental economics. He started his career as a high school teacher of economics and social politics in Paris and its area. In 1993, Christophe Najdovski joined the green party "Les Verts". In 2001, he was elected at the Paris City Council and named deputy mayor in charge of transports of Paris 12 th district. Re-elected in 2008, Christophe Najdovski became deputy mayor of Paris, in charge of childhood policy. In April 2014, Anne Hidalgo, new mayor of Paris, appointed him as deputy mayor in charge of transports and public space. His 4 main goals for the term of his mandate are: to reduce atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, to promote a better mobility for everyone, regardless of age or social condition, to restore the passage of the Seine riverside and the canals banks, and to give back the public space to pedestrians and cyclists.

Ларс Стромгрен
Стокгольм, Швеция
Lars Strömgren is the president of Cykelfrämjandet (The Swedish Cycling Advocacy Association) a Swedish NGO promoting cycling transportation and recreation. In the past few years the organization has undertaken reforms to improve contact with politicians and decision-makers at a local, regional, national and even international level through involvement in ECF. Mr. Strömgren is also the president of Svensk Cykling (Swedish Cycling) — a national umbrella organization encompassing all aspects of cycling from urban planning, sports and environmental issues to questions concerning the cycle industry and retail. Lars Strömgren is also vice president of the European Cyclists Federation (ECF). Mr. Strömgren has a M.Sc in Business and Economics and has experience within management consulting, urban planning and PR. He is a member of several panels of experts at the Swedish Transport Administration and serves on the advisory boards for various transport, climate change and urban policy research programmes.

Анна Ниска
Линчёпинг, Швеция
Руководитель исследований в Шведском национальном дорожно-транспортаном исследовательском институте (VTI).

Anna Niska is a research leader at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), since 2002. She has a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Luleå University of Technology and a PhD in Highway Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Her doctoral thesis was on the subject "Winter maintenance and cycleways". Her main field of research is within effects on cycling of road maintenance and operation including accident studies, effects on cycle flows, evaluations of winter maintenance methods, etc.

Эмиль Тёрнстен
Стокгольм, Швеция
Координатор проекта Cykel Plus Minus (Шведский конкурс по инновациям в области зимнего велотранспорта).

Emil is a project officer/coordinator involved in several Swedish pro-cycling NGOs and policy expert within urban and regional planning with regards to cycling. He is Project officer for Cykel Plus Minus, The Swedish Winter Cycling Innovation Competition running during the winter 2017-2018. The innovation competition will encourage municipalities and other actors to find new solutions to improve public health and accessibility in traffic while minimizing negative environmental impact and accident risks. Emil is also coordinator of Svenska Cykelstäder (Swedish Cycling Cities); an association composed of Sweden's most ambitious municipalities and organizations dedicated to working for increased and safer cycling. He coordinates Riksdagens Cykelnätverk (The Cycling Network of the Parliament). This is a network of members of the parliament from all parties who are interested in politics of cycling.